• ETA is a woman-owned, small business, technology and services aggregator based in Baltimore, Maryland – providing 8a and HUBZone certified services.

• Electronic Systems / Engineering – ETA offers decades of experience designing, developing, procuring,and integrating RF, microwave and wireless electronic systems. The WGS certified ETA/MSR-3400 very small aperture terminal (VSAT), is an example of an ongoing project in ETA's core business. While much of our work has been performed in support of the US Government Intelligence community, we have also delivered numerous commercial systems.

• Information Technology - Our software teams are active in network management and monitoring, Web development, application development, MMI ,virtual reality and system control activities, database implementation and micro-controller development. We are particularly proud of our IT work on commercial system problem resolution. This team operates in a Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) mode solving complex issues on very short schedules.

• Supply Chain Management – Our comprehensive supply chain management services were developed specifically to meet the logistics challenges governments and commercial organizations face in difficult environments. ETA conducts business in the most complex areas of the world to include conflict zones, unstable regions and remote outposts. We support our logistics and supply-chain management services with an in-house intelligence and risk management capacity and work to reduce risk of deficit, ensure operational goals are met, and maintain efficient and streamlined delivery times in all areas of operation. ETA's supply-chain management components are augmented by in-country, on-the-ground inspection and surveying by both ETA personnel and our network of teaming partners. ETA’s logistics advantage is experience; relevant, recent experience in the most challenging business environments.
 • Procurement - ETA procurement services are fully integrated with our logistics and supply chain management services and provide for procurement from cost effective markets across the globe. We regularly support of deployed operations in third world theatres where obstinate and opaque bureaucracies, rough & inaccessible roads, and other common third world infrastructure obstacles pervade supply routes.

• Technical Services - Program management, system administration and third party validation represent key areas of our technical services. We also regularly allocate resources in support of RFI and RFQ response efforts and are prepared to respond to the full range of logistic support requirements.

• Project management - Management Services offered by the ETA team include project design and implementation, program execution, annual action plans, labor supply (identifying, recruiting, and managing labor-intensive projects), all forms of financial management and establishment and conducting monitoring and evaluation systems.

Capabilities Statement