• Bruce Spector, CEO.
 Mr. Spector brings a wealth of RF, microwave and wireless technology program management and engineering experience to ETA. Prior to ETA he oversaw more than $60 million of US Government projects as CEO of Matrix Engineering. He is a previous VP of special products at Wiltron and began his career with Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Spector holds a degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.
• Curtis Spagnolo COO.
Mr. Spagnolo is responsible for ETA's financial and business operations. His professional background includes 15 years as a design engineer and technical director at Rockwell-Collins. He also served as Treasurer and CFO for Allied Marketing Group in Dallas. Mr. Spagnolo holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in finance.
• Rochelle Spector, Chairman.
Our Board of Directors is led by Rochelle Spector, the majority stockholder. While Ms. Spector is actively involved in ETA's day-to-day operations and corporate development, she is also a long-standing member of the Baltimore City Council.